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WRNC is Northland College’s community radio station. WRNC broadcasts a mix of news, talk and music programming 24 hours a day in Ashland. 


The station works to provide regularly scheduled and in-depth news, public affairs and public service programming on local issues including the environment, business, agriculture, weather, health care, underserved communities, state, county, local and tribal governments, education, schools, parenting and cultural affairs.


WRNC has been recognized for its programs and news coverage in the Chequamegon Bay. The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System and Wisconsin Broadcasters Association has recognized the station for its news and programs in both the collegiate and professional categories. WRNC reporters have garnered awards and certificates of excellence from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, as well as first-place awards from both IBS and the WBA. To listen to the award-winning stories and programs, click here.


  • Will P.


    WRNC back on air! Yeah! I LoVe WRNC!

  • Alan Staiger


    I was enjoying hearing the writers until the broadcast abruptly ended without warning at 9 pm.

    I tuned in specifically to hear a friend read his poem, but he had not appeared before the show was yanked.

    If a special program like this is to be aired, why was it not broadcast in it’s entirety ?

    • dkaeding



      Please forgive me for the extremely late response to your comment. Thank you for making us aware of a programming error that resulted in an incomplete broadcast of Penokees Read. I apologize, and I am looking into the matter. All appropriate measures will be taken to avoid this from happening again in the future.

      We will have a recording of the entire event available at some point on the WRNC website. Check back for future posts here. If you have any further questions or comments about the event, please feel free to submit them to or call (715) 682-1664.

      Thank you again and my most sincere apologies.

      -Danielle, WRNC Station Manager

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